Indiana University Bloomington

Education Y502
Intermediate Statistics Applied To Education

Contact: Dubravka Svetina (
Offered: Spring, Fall, Summer Session: Every Year
Capacity: 22
Algebra Required: No
Calculus Required: No
Contact Person for Authorization: No
Instructor: Dubravka Svetina (other instructors as well)
Days Per Week Offered: 2 per week; computer lab 1 hour separate
Recommended follow-up classes: any statistics or modeling course; Y527, Y604, Y639, etc.
Syllabus: No Syllabus Avaliable
Keywords: descriptive statistics; inferential statistics; data analysis; hypothesis testing; ANOVA; regression
Description: This course is designed to develop a working understanding of the fundamental concepts used in descriptive and inferential statistics. The purpose is to understand the use of statistics in educational research as a tool to analyze and interpret data. To this aim, the course activities focus on generating and interpreting sample statistics. The course also includes a weekly lab, which provides opportunities for students to practice analyzing and interpreting data using IBM SPSS for Windows.
Books: King, B. M., Rosopa, P. J., & Minium, E. W. (2010). Statistical Reasoning in the Behavioral Sciences. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Supplemental readings are assigned as needed (e.g., articles, handouts).
Substantive Orientation: Social sciences
Statistical Orientation: N/A
Applied/Theoretical: Applied
Software: SPSS
How Software is Used: Primarily for data analysis
Problem Sets: Yes, they involve interpretation of analyses and concepts learned in class
Data Analysis: Yes, as part of homework and exams
Presentation: No
Exams: Yes, generally three in class exams
Comments: Although the title of the course is ?intermediate statistics?, the course is really a first statistics course, and not much of a background in math or stats is assumed.