Indiana University Bloomington

Courses for Spring 2015

Computer Science
B554: Probabilistic Approaches To Artificial Intelligence
B555: Machine Learning
B565: Data Mining
E572: Econometrics Ii: Regression / Time Series
E672: Macroeconometrics
E724: Topic Financial Econometrics
Y502: Intermediate Statistics Applied To Education
Y603: Statistical Design Of Educational Research
Y604: Multivariate Analysis In Educational Research
Y637: Categorical Data Analysis
Y639: Multilevel Modeling
G589: Advanced Geospatial Data Analysis
I529: Machine Learning In Bioinformatics
M466: Introduction To Mathematical Statistics
Political Science
Y575: Political Data Analysis I (linear Regression Model)
Psychological and Brain Science
P533: Introduction To Bayesian Data Analysis
P654: Multivariate (statistics 640/s440 Multivariate Data Analysis)
Public Health
Q501: Introduction To Statistics In Public Health
Q502: Intermediate Statistics In Public Health
Q601: Experimental Analysis And Design
Q602: Multivariate Statistical Analysis
Q603: Categorical Data Analysis
S554: Statistical Techniques In Sociology I: Continuous Dependent Variables
V562: Public Program Evaluation
V607: Stats For Research Public Affairs Ii
V507: Data Analysis And Modeling
S520: Introduction To Statistics
S620: Introduction To Statistical Theory
S625: Nonparametric Theory And Data Analysis
S632: Applied Linear Models Ii
S640: Multivariate Statistical Analysis
S650: Time Series
S681: Topics In Uncertainty Quantification
S681: Statistical Network Analysis
S690: Statistical Consulting
S710: Statistical Computing
S722: Advanced Statistical Analysis Theory Ii

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